No expense has been spared to provide the finest nature has to offer.

Ridgeview Herbs is a distributor of Pure Herbs herbal extracts.

Our Herbs

Pure Herbs Ltd. herbal extracts are an herbal food or combination of foods, diluted in liquids such as distilled water and grain neutral spirits, that can be taken internally, sublingually, or applied externally right over the area where required.

Single Herbs – created from just one herb; they are often used as a supplement to your diet.

Combination Herbs – created using a combination of herbs, specifically formulated to support your diet.

Capsules – offer a convenient option for supplementation; as well as another option for those sensitive to alcohol.

Grain neutral spirits are an alcohol distilled from grain and are also known as a neutral alcohol. Because we care about you and your health, Pure Herbs uses a neutral spirit made from food.

No added sugar or artificial flavorings are added to our herbal extracts. This way you can tell what you’re getting is truly genuine.

Liquid herbal extracts are absorbed more easily and work faster than tablets or capsules. In addition to their almost immediate effect, liquid herbal extracts preserve the active components of the plants and they offer a long shelf life.